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Lamb Romantic Essayist

A new edition of his entertaining letters is also underway.While Lamb was an occasional journalist, a playwright (of small success), a writer for children, and a poet, it is his prose which has endured.Two of Lamb's early sonnets are addressed to her: Mary, who was ten years older than Charles, had mothered him as a child, and their relationship was always a close one.Charles continued to write—a ballad on a Scottish theme, poems to friends and to William Cowper on that poet's recovery from a fit of madness.The elder brother, John, was living independently and was not generous to his family.On Charles (after an unpaid apprenticeship) and his elder sister, Mary, a dressmaker who had already shown signs of mental instability, fell the burden of providing for the family, and Mary took on the nursing as well.

(He met Wordsworth, who became a lifelong friend, through Coleridge in 1797.)" Of considerable interest are Lamb's blank-verse poems, which reveal--with passion that comes through--his spiritual struggles after the tragedy, as he sought consolation in religion.He early realized that poetry was not his vocation; his best poetry was written in youth.The son of John and Elizabeth Field Lamb, Charles Lamb, a Londoner who loved and celebrated that city, was born in the Temple, the abode of London lawyers, where his father was factotum for one of these, Samuel Salt.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. He was the first intensely personal, truly Romantic essayist, never rivaled in popularity by his friends Leigh Hunt and William Hazlitt.Many of Lamb's essays before those he signed Elia came out in Hunt's publications." For students of Lamb and for his recent biographers, Lamb's poetry is mainly of interest as autobiography and as light on the essays, often treating the same subjects.His early novel, (1798), is also rooted in the Ann episode.After the death of Samuel Salt in 1792 the Lambs were in straitened circumstances, mother and father both ill.The family was ambitious for its two sons, John and Charles, and successful in entering Charles at Christ's Hospital, a London charity school of merit, on 9 October 1782.Here he met Samuel Taylor Coleridge, a fellow pupil who was Lamb's close friend for the rest of their lives and who helped stir his growing interest in poetry. (Because he had a severe stammer, he did not seek a university career, then intended to prepare young men for orders in the Church of England.) In September 1791 he found work as a clerk at the South Sea House, but he left the following February, and in April he became a clerk at the East India Company, where he remained for thirty-three years, never feeling fitted for the work nor much interested in "business," but managing to survive, though without promotion.


  1. Feb 3, 2017. Charles Lamb February 10, 1775 –- December 27, 1834 was an English poet, fiction writer, literary critic, and essayist of the English Romantic.

  2. Robert Southey 1774-1843 English Poet Of The Romantic School And Poet Laureate Drawn In 1798 By Hancock From The Book The Life Of Charles Lamb.

  3. He was the first intensely personal, truly Romantic essayist, never rivaled in popularity by his friends Leigh Hunt and William Hazlitt. Many of Lamb's essays.

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