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Junior Clinical Research Associate Cover Letter

While education will get a candidate in the door for an interview, those who display an obvious passion for research are more likely to stand out from the crowd, according to Roberts.“For some companies, they like to hire more entry level individuals and then train them according to their processes,” explained Roberts.You can also volunteer at FDA field offices, so you don’t need to relocate to Maryland.But if you can work at the FDA headquarters, that is probably the best as you’ll have access to more people and resources.

For those looking to break into the industry or switch careers, Roberts says these three factors will aid a candidate in securing a CRA position and excelling in it.

Starting with a strong educational foundation is necessary for landing a CRA position, and most postings will require applicants to have an undergraduate degree in life science or another health-related discipline.

Additionally, while it is not always mandatory, having a graduate degree can also be valuable for candidates seeking employment in this field, particularly for more senior roles.

Every clinical organization must follow the law and stay compliant.

This is what makes working for government agencies exciting.


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