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Junior Achievement Essay

Rubenstein, JA President & CEO Ed Grenier, Eli Kane, and Douglas Andre. Front row from left: Rebecca Davis, Jeanne Hathway, grand prize winner Dylan Culfogienis, Natalia Jamro, and Johanna Siegel. Zucker12th Grade Thomas Jefferson High Schoolfor Science and Technology Alexandria, VA2nd Place Stacey L. Hauprich." Front row from left: Junior Achievement President & CEO Ed Grenier, Maya I.

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Hauprich Runner-Up Winner11th Grade Paint Branch High School Burtonsville, MDJane E.

Not pictured: Nathan Ausubel." Back row from left: Nicholas Zolnerowich, Arijeet Sensharma, competition sponsor David M.

Rubenstein, JA President & CEO Ed Grenier, Eli Kane, and Douglas Andre.

Not pictured: Chase Ammon." Back row from left: Jonathan Rasch, Zubair Khan, Lucas Lin, JA President & CEO Ed Grenier, competition sponsor David M.

Front row from left: Aditi Subramaniam, grand prize winner Mimi Robinson, and Isabella Boland. From left: JA President & CEO Ed Grenier, grand prize winner Daniela Hernandez-Fujigaki, Sepehr Zomorodi, Aras Scimemi, Isabel Hendrix-Jenkins, Caitlin Paul, competition sponsor David M.


  1. The Junior Achievement Essay Competition, sponsored by David M. Rubenstein, was founded in 2008. Each year, high school students in Greater Washington are - College.

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