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Julius Ceasar Assassination Essay Luther'S 95 Thesis

As it happens, the murder of Caesar did turn out to be a key moment in history.

Caesar may have brought Rome glory in his conquest of Gaul.

For some inexplicable reason, they then chose to refer to every other day in the month in terms of its relationship to the next one of these coming up. In March, May, July, and October, the Nones was the 7th and the Ides was the 15th.

So they would say, “five days before the Kalends of March,” or “three days before the Nones of June”. For the remaining months, the Nones was the 5th and the Ides was the 13th.

Her special gift was to reward people with long life.

Decked out in his triumphant general’s reddish-purple toga embroidered in gold, Julius Caesar, Dictator of Rome, entered the Senate’s meeting room, and ascended his golden throne.

As the 30 days passed, nothing whatsoever happened.

Yet when the 15th of March dawned, Caesar’s wife awoke distressed after dreaming she held his bloodied body.

Fearing for his life, she begged him not to leave the house. He had been flying through the air, and shaken hands with Jupiter. The day was an important annual celebration in Rome’s religious calendar, and he had called a special meeting of the Senate.

His first appointment of the day was a quick sacrifice at a friend’s house. Caesar joked that his prophecies must be off as nothing had happened. The sacrifices proceeded, but the animals’ innards were blemished and the day was plainly inauspicious.


  1. Mar 15, 2016. Caesar's death paved the way for the Roman empire after a bloody cycle of civil wars, and secured him the hallowed immortality he always.

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