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Simon later said: “Just another pile of corporate crap.

One minute they try downsizing, the next reengineering.

Under the empowerment campaign, employees will be getting more information about how the company was run and would be able to work with their fellow employees in new and creative ways, proclaiming a new era of trust and cooperation.

Perception Many of the other employees, including Simon were less than eager.

d) Department Heads and other employees Scenario Introduction of the empowerment campaign Griffin, the newly hired and dynamic CEO, opened the monthly companywide meeting with a challenge: “As we face increasing competition, we need new ideas, new energy, new spirit to make this company great.

And the source of this change is you ——– each one of you.

is an 80 year old company, publicly held and had once been a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrical products and supplies.

Challenges that have to be addressed: In recent years, the company experienced a host of problems as follows: declining market share due to increased foreign and domestic competition; new product ideas were few and far between; departments such as manufacturing and sales barely spoke to one another; morale was at an all-time low and many employees were actively seeking other jobs. Players: a) Martin Griffin – newly hired, dynamic CEO b) Barbara Russell – Vice President for Manufacturing c) Simon – Manufacturing Engineer, who’s with the company for more than 20 years and Russell’s friend.

The fact that manufacturing and sales are not talking showed an unhealthy “clash” between the departments.For it to be accepted, the employees must understand the benefits it will bring to the employees and to the organization as a whole.The biases that are deeply ingrained in the minds of the employees’ brought about by management’s failures has to be addressed and erased for management and employees to have a fresh start.As in any organization, any act, project or plan that does not have the full support of the employees is “likely or is doomed” to fail, as in this case. With the problems abounding, it is not surprising to see employees morale going down and employees’ creativity being zapped.What could have happened is that management simply rammed up the foregoing measures without being transparent with the employees. If ever new ideas come out, it could have been forced or dictated, not some idea where the author can be proud to own.Management may have felt the crunch of being “eaten up” by competition and in its desire to recoup its former leading position, introduced measures like downsizing, reengineering, restructuring and now, empowerment.These efforts however did not sit well with the employees as they viewed these efforts as ” one of those management crap or garbage”.Over the latest turn of events, Russel considered the following options: keep her mouth shut; take a chance and confront Griffin about her sincerity in making empowerment work; push slowly for reform and work for gradual support from other teams; or look for another job II.CRITICAL ANALYSIS The company had been in existence for 80 years.Everyone should be enlisted for involvement, from top to bottom.As espoused by Peter Senge, a learning organization is one that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself.


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