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Use of data from these units must receive prior CPHS approval.

For more information about UCB covered entities, please contact the UC Berkeley Privacy Office.

What did protecting the confidentiality of protected health information mean? Would HIPAA interfere with the relationships between patients and healthcare providers?

Skeptics wondered whether HIPAA might prove to be too cumbersome and expensive to comply with.

HIPAA’s “Privacy Rule” sets standards for the use and disclosure of all individually identifiable health information obtained from a covered entity.

Some were concerned that HIPAA wouldn’t provide meaningful privacy protection.

Others worried that HIPAA would be redundant with state health privacy laws and would not add much value.

These common sense standards were intended to provide a scalable, flexible framework so that all organizations across the industry-large and small, provider and health plan-could find their way toward compliance.

Whereas many thought HIPAA would “bankrupt” healthcare, shut down research, and otherwise paralyze the industry, instead the industry has learned the benefits of the transaction and code set standards through the ease of electronic transactions.


  1. What is and is not Protected Health Information PHI in Research Settings - position paper of the UC Systemwide HIPAA Implementation Taskforce PDF.

  2. The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes the conditions under which protected health information may be used or disclosed by covered entities for research.

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