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Here are a few examples of Time-lapse projects to show you what you will be able to achieve Now that you are truly motivated, we are ready to get started!

If this is your first attempt at time-lapse photography, then this is the place to be.

That alone would make for a pleasing composition, but see also how the grasses curve with the pond, and so do the bodies and especially the tails of the hounds. In the next photo, we have linear architectural elements made up unexpectedly of living creatures.

The accidental formal postures of the hound and the rider, aided by an almost straight horizon, create an inner rectangle and draw the eye into the open space in the back left. Read the rest of this entry » This is not the conventional head pose for this formal pack shot, but I was struck by the lines of horizontal arcs.

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Welcome to Time-lapse Network, a community dedicated to the fascinating technique of time-lapse.

The eye travels from the rump’s inverted “U” curve to the “U” curve of the coat’s skirt and back to the inverted curve of the horse’s neck.

The echo of the coat’s curve with the belly provides stability. The horse on the right, by contrast, has vertical arcs, particularly the tail closely echoing the rear.

Here we have two hounds scenting, two ready to roll, and one howling in frustration at standing about.

If you could take this in your hand and squeeze it like a sponge, pure “foxhound” would ooze out.


  1. Oct 21, 2012. Another photo essay is out. This time, let's have a look at Toronto through the lens of Paul Bica! Go on a tour of some of Toronto's most famous.

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