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Gwu Honors Program Essay

Even more complex is the relationship of Christianity to foreign policy.This seminar will explore these questions in the American context Click here for the course page Instructor: Dr. Giselle Donnelly, AEI Description: Through brief lectures and a series of "staff rides"—role-play analyses of critical conflicts, explore the ways in which the American approach to international politics and war was influenced by two centuries of British experience. Brent Orrell, AEI Description: Explore contemporary questions and foundational arguments in social policy, including particular consideration of workforce development, prisoner reentry, and public-private partnerships.Note: Twelve week-long courses are being offered as part of the 2019 Summer Honors Program, four of which are offered through AEI's Values & Capitalism program, an initiative that engages Christian college students in conversations about economics, public policy, society, and faith.These four Values & Capitalism courses (marked with an asterisk below) integrate faith-related content in course material. Frederick Kagan, AEI Description: Examine the nature and conduct of military operations, considering the theoretical foundations of the military art and science and exploring the practical applications of those theories to modern conflicts. Charles Murray, AEI Description: Consider the political and social conditions for the pursuit of human happiness, including the relationships between inborn human nature and the sources of human satisfactions, and the implications of those relationships for good public policy. Stephen Smith, Hope College Description: Analyze the current evidence and points of view about economic growth and development in the developing world by discussing the roles and challenges of enlisting aid, the rule of law, trade, direct investment, and Christ-centered microfinance.Applicants are able to apply for multiple courses and then rank their preferences, but will only be admitted for one.Participants will receive a 0 stipend, as well as housing, meals, and a travel voucher.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide specific information or evaluations regarding individual applications.

Anne Bradley, The Fund for American Studies Description: Examine the morality of capitalism in light of economic theory, biblical and theological commitments, and present-day policy issues. Click here for the course page Instructor: Professor John Yoo, AEI Description: Explore the Constitution through an examination of its framing, ratification, and subsequent interpretation, followed by a deep dive into federalism, the separation of powers, and individual liberties. Click here for the course page The 2019 AEI Summer Honors Program is available to undergraduate students graduating in the winter of 2018 or later.

Applicants are not required to be US citizens, nor are they required to have studied in the US. The most competitive applicants have excellent academic standing (3.3 GPA or above), leadership positions on or off campus, and a demonstrated interest in public policy.

Weekend Honors Programs, internships) or current AEI Executive Council members are eligible and are encouraged to apply.

Applications must be submitted online at the link above.


  1. This program combines challenging honors courses with independent. Essay submitted with application · Teacher/Counselor recommendations two are. The George Washington University; Georgetown University; Georgia Institute of.

  2. George Washington University Public Policy, UA Medical School, UA English, UA. Many of our students praise the English Honors program for its intellectual. essay about literature for a critical thesis, a set of poems for a poetry thesis.

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