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Graduation Essays For 8th Grade

He knows it will be difficult to leave his friends but is grateful that MMS teachers taught him to always see personal effort as a measure of success and to push himself academically.Gerry will be attending University School of Milwaukee as the third MMS student to receive the Joe Lubar Scholarship in the past five years.He hopes to one day attend Washington State University to realize his dream of becoming a marine biologist. - Artisically Inclined Riley began her MMS years at age three in Children’s House.

First, however, he is planning to complete a graduate degree at M. " Anika loved being part of last year’s production of .She is proud of the multiple awards she won in the Scholastic Arts and Writing competitions, as well as her cover art for the MMS 2015-16 yearbook.She aspires to be a comic author for Marvel Comics and has an open mind about where she will be attending college. - Onwards & Upwards "I believe that my first conscious memories take place at MMS," muses Quinn Thompson.His parents enrolled him at the age of two in the Stepping Stones program."My favorite school experience took place in 4th grade when the entire Upper Elementary adopted a beachfront along Lake Michigan and then went to clean it several times a year.It felt good to hear that since giving back is such an important part of being a well-educated person." Quinn will be attending University School of Milwaukee, where he was awarded a 00 merit scholarship based on his academic achievement and his depth and breadth of interests that include track and field, coding, and debate.He looks forward to becoming involved in USM’s House of Technology and Model United Nations.Marcos will be attending Greendale High School in the fall. He love to analyze games, provide feedback to designers of games, and obviously, he likes to play them too. He is proud that he has excelled as a debater and public speaker.He hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin Madison or the University of Miami in Florida.Most impressive, however, is her national recognition through the Scholastic Writing Award given to her for her World War II novel entitled .Not only did Cady win a Gold Key in the state competition, she went on to win a Silver Medal nationally.


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