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Good Thesis Statement For Frankenstein Book Report Character Analysis

This rage and thirst for revenge is what ultimately leads Victor to Walton and his ship, where he tells of his tragic and epic journey.

Show how the monster and reproductive cloning require electricity to create life. Frankenstein uses electric currents to stimulate the patched together dead body of his monster.Victor’s quest for revenge was strengthened by the despair he felt he had created ultimately created for himself.His creation, his monster, was the source of the destruction of his life.However, when both of these attempts at proving himself to be more than his outward appearance are grossly misinterpreted, he becomes angry and violent.He knows that no one will ever see any good in him, and the thought of never having a compassionate companion to befriend tears him apart.The monster feels revenge on both Victor and every other human in the world.Victor desperately seeks revenge on his gruesome creation, the monster, which ultimately destroyed every bit of happiness he once possessed.According to the Human Genome Project, some day scientists hope to use therapeutic cloning to grow body organs and parts for transplant. Harding's frugal domestic skills help readers save money around the home.The first step toward composing your final paper will be a formal outline, including a thesis statement.“I, the miserable and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on,” pg 209.He feels so strongly shunned and disliked, that his sad feelings transform into those of anger and revenge.


  1. Because the thesis statement still isn’t perfect, we’ll move on to the next essential component. How to write a thesis statement step #4 Create a mini-outline of the paper. A basic thesis statement will provide readers with a clear outline of your paper. It will tell readers what to expect in the upcoming paragraphs.

  2. Click the themes infographic to download. Beauty may only be skin deep, but, as Shmoop's campus gym once advertised, no one can see your brain from twenty feet away.

  3. Examples of Thesis Statement for Frankenstein Research Paper Writing. Frankenstein, a gothic horror and science fiction novel by Mary Shelley follows a number of occult ideas with galvanism being one of its major themes.

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