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Go Kart Business Plan

Next, you need to determine if you will operate independently or locate your business within a larger complex to offset costs?

Finally, choose a location that matches the information you’ve acquired about the mobile habits of your target audience.

You’ll also want to ensure that your indoor track is designed to minimize wait times.

While you may be able to conduct the research on your own by visiting and testing local tracks, an easier option may be to simply go straight to the source.

Expect to need about two to five employees, depending on the amount of carts you own.

Develop safety training policies for your employees and youth, such as requiring children under a certain age to obtain a junior license.

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Secure a catering company or purchase snack and beverage equipment, in addition to any other amenities, such as arcade games and a sound system. Ideally, look for employees who are familiar with go kart racing.After you’ve got a better idea of the type of track you want to have, lease commercial property.Look at warehouses—a popular choice for indoor tracks—which are easily accessible and offer a degree of visibility.Your business plan is the most effective means to attract financing for your go-kart business, so you have to ensure that it’s complete and appealing. Are you going to appeal to youth as an alternative to attending amusement parks, or are you going to cater to adult weekend warriors who like to imagine that they are amateur race-car drivers?Second, what type of revenue model are you following?Purchase a website and detail your operating hours, weight limits, food and drink options, additional amenities, footwear requirements and operating and safety procedures.If you will offer a party room or conference room, include your rates.In fact, the latest statistics show that over the past five years, the go-kart racing industry has grown by 5.7 percent with revenues of nearly 0 million in the U. It’s important to remember that your profits from a go-kart business aren’t solely based on the number of tickets or subscriptions you sell, but also on concessions, merchandise, corporate events and birthday parties.Understanding the steps to opening a go-kart business is the key to future success.Other tracks focus on serious riders looking to race at top speeds using the latest industry carts.You may choose to pair your track with an arcade, party room and café, caterer or snack shop.


  1. Do you need to develop a go kart business plan? Go kart businesses have increased in popularity over the past 25 years; due to both an increase in go kart usage as well as continued growth of video games, carnival rides, and other entertainment products.

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