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Girl Education In Essay

In a country like India, female education is being appreciated day by day.

It is easy to see how a lack of education has a ripple effect across societies.Here, in this essay, we will take look at ‘female education in Bangladesh and others’. That’s why we need to put some extra effort into ‘Female Education’. We can’t arrange a better society or a better nation without them. And we, of course, appreciate educated and well-learned partner with us. Our life starts with education and if we can pursue education properly we can go really long in our life. But in this world, lots of females are still away from education. We need to work on that and make awareness among people.Bangladesh is a growing country with a fair amount of female education ratio. Whatever we do, they are helping us to complete that. But in every sector, girls are not participating equally with boys. That will help us to understand the importance of female education.If we all start trying, then there will be a change and this change will change the world. There are currently 31 million girls of primary school age that are not in school.In 2018, statistics like these are unfathomable, and quite simply unacceptable.Today we have the resources and the ability to eradicate these realities once and for all, and yet – as a global society – we sit back and allow them to continue. Amnesty International says that whenever and wherever a fellow human being is being persecuted, tortured, oppressed or abused you have the right to sit silently by; you also have the right speak out.If we look at history, there are lots of female scholars who have done really well for their country.We have ‘Begum Rokeya’, she has started a revolution in India and Bangladesh which let girls start studying.But there are still a large number of girls are illiterate and they are not able to get an education.We need to stand for them and make education easy for every single girl in the world. They study and learn things that help them to lead a better life. Female education is a really important term right now for the entire world.


  1. Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Among children not attending school there are twice as many girls as boys, and among.

  2. By David E. Bloom and Mark Weston. August 25, 2003. Girls' education is emerging as one of the top priorities of the international development.

  3. Free Essay Before the 21st century, women have faced many obstacles when trying to gain equality. They were seen as the “weaker sex” and were seen as not.

  4. Here are few short and long essays on 'Female Education'. Education for girls is a really important issue right now, we need to keep.

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