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Gcse Holiday Coursework

Some Geography departments I know study Human Geography for two of the four lessons and Physical Geography for the other two.This might result in several different exercise books for the subject – and this is something that you might be able to help with!My daughter, for example, is studying GCSE History and was recently doing a unit on Medicine in Britain, c1250–present.

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They might get students to do things slightly differently – but the good scientists and linguists, for example, will still be rewarded with the good grades! Some schools (including my own) now have a two-year Key Stage 3, which leaves three years for their GCSEs at Key Stage 4.

This blog aims to provide a short introduction to what to expect during the GCSE years – and what you might be able to do to help! In short, the new courses include much less coursework (or controlled assessment) than before, with only some of the more practical subjects like Dance, Art and Drama containing this element of assessment.

Most exams will now also be taken at the end of a two-year course, removing the module system that was previously in place for some subjects. However, whilst your child might well think that GCSEs are ‘far too hard now’ and they’re ‘never gonna be able to do them’ – it’s important that we reassure them that GCSEs may well have changed, but they are still there to do the same job that they have done.

However, they may have chosen to do GCSE Geography and ‘dropped’ History – so they will probably now have three (and in some cases four) GCSE Geography lessons per week.

If we keep with the Geography example, the department has free reign in how they follow the specification (course of study) they have chosen.


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