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“He’s painting in the studio entirely now,” Jo Hopper writes.“Lots more comfortable—but much harder to do,” she adds (Levin, 1995b, 328).

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Although Hopper would often paint from life and his studies were usually produced on location, he said to his biographer that “he had made [His biographer recounts that “as old age and infirmity made traveling about more difficult, he adapted, by transforming his surrounding through the filter of his imagination” (Levin, 1998, 10).In spite of the mass of scholarly articles and monographs devoted to Nabokov and painting, the possible connection between and Hopper’s painting was not identified until 2013 by scholar Will Norman at a French Nabokov Society conference in Paris1.Elsa Court later argued that Nabokov was probably aware of Hopper’s painting due to the popularity of the American artist at the time (Court, 2016, 125).had met there and in Gloucester” (Levin, 1995b, 213).The same imaginary character reappears in a number of other paintings.The setting for the painting is twilight, Josephine notes in her entry for .She records Hopper’s frustration that he could not observe the glow of those round-headed pumps at dusk.The house itself betrays no sign of life; its lit interior looks unusually blank to the eye, devoid of any life-imparting realistic detail.Besides being obviously outnumbered by the three lit pumps, the man is somehow also dwarfed by their imposing stature.Saving energy, the gas attendant of the Truro station would not light his pumps until it was pitch dark (Levin 1995b, 328)3.The traffic on the road, and the busybodies who usually hang around a gas station, may have been other impediments to the depiction of that perfectly still painting.


  1. The scenarios considered constructing Solar+ systems to fit gas station and convenience stores with varied sizes small, medium, and. Document Type. Thesis.

  2. Between C++ and Java a case study using a networked automated gas station stimulation system. Other thesis, Concordia University.

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