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Fair Mindedness Critical Thinking

It is paramount to make the students learn how to think critically so that they can become most marketable.Current jobs and future jobs will be displaced by new technologies.Thinking involves the appropriate use of knowledge, and this ability is not developed spontaneously (hastily).In America educators are emphasizing on enhancing critical thinking. Learning to think critically Critical thinking moves beyond self-centered views of the universe to a broader, more abstract realm.A critical thinking individual is capable of examining his/her assumptions, dogmas, and prejudices.The purpose of critical thinking is, therefore, to achieve understanding, evaluate viewpoints, and solve problems.This means expanding thinking beyond the egocentric values and limited life experiences.

Critical thinking citizens make good decisions on important social, political and economic issues.Critical thinking is the inquiry (the cognitive processes) we engage in when we seek to understand, evaluate, or resolve.The terms critical thinking, reflective thinking, and inquiry were primarily used synonymously.Technological advances continue unabated and scientific discoveries give us new understanding about our world and ourselves.We are living in an information age and the amount of information doubles every four or five years. How can we make decisions with so much volatility and how will our decisions affect our careers, our families, and ourselves?The media, advertisers, and others respond with simple, direct messages that tell consumers what to do, what to think, and what to buy.The desire to have easy answers is understandable, but can also be dangerous.Critical thinking appears to be a subset of problem solving.(5) Benefits of Critical Thinking Continuous change and evolution are facts of life.Worldwide political events occur unpredictably and with amazing speed.Economic indicators reflect increased instability in the marketplace.


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  2. Feb 3, 2019. a given work, ideally in conjunction with honesty and fair-mindedness. In the same way, critical thinking involves thinking about thinking itself.

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