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Example Dissertation Abstract

If you’re writing an abstract to submit as part of a conference paper proposal, you might check out these examples from the Claremont University Writing Center.

While abstracts are short, they can be as challenging to write as a dissertation chapter!

After deciding to use your editing services, at first I was skeptical, thinking it was just another company out there trying to steal my money. Thank you Dissertation-Editor for your editing services.

Your goal in writing an abstract is to convince readers that your dissertation or project is important: be sure to use the abstract to sell yourself and tell readers why your work will make waves in your field.Use Reg Text to type the body of the abstract so that the first line of each paragraph is indented appropriately. Refer to the abstract example for instructions on what to include in the text.At some point during the course of your dissertation writing process, you will likely need to write an abstract. An abstract is a piece of writing that tells potential readers what a paper, book, dissertation, or other piece of writing is about. They should entice readers, make them interested in your work, and make them eager to read your paper, dissertation, or project in its entirety. You may be required to submit an abstract of your dissertation as part of your dissertation proposal.This main abstract ties together the entire document, summarizing all of the research and preparing readers on what to expect in your manuscript.Unavoidably, this will duplicate some of the introductory material in each article.A dissertation editor or a dissertation consultant can help you tailor your abstract so that it meets the requirements of your field.However, abstracts often share the similar characteristics across academic fields.Please tell Dustin (who worked with me the most and by phone) and the rest of the team - great job and thank you!I can't thank you enough for your support, as informal as it was. Dissertation Editor responded promptly when isolation became paralysis. Thank you all for your hard work and help with my project.All theses and dissertations must have an abstract at the beginning of the document that is formatted according to SHSU guidelines.The abstract is a descriptive summary, no longer than 350 words, composed of three principal parts: NOTE FOR JOURNAL-READY THESES: Don't confuse this abstract with the other abstracts that you will create for each section of a journal-ready thesis.


  1. How to Write an Abstract for Your Thesis or Dissertation. For example, if your thesis has five chapters introduction, literature review, methodology, results.

  2. You can find examples of abstracts online. In their guide to abstract-writing, The UNC Chapel Hill Writing Center dissects two example abstracts. If you're writing.

  3. Purpose. The purpose of a dissertation abstract is to summarise in a systematic and formulaic manner the content of your piece.

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