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Evidence Based Practice Psychology Essay

One of the most useful characteristics of CDS systems is that they are available during the point of care.No longer do nursing professionals have to consult thick research books; a great deal of information can be accessed with a few strategic clicks! In this Discussion, you continue to explore CDS systems.Evidence-Based Practice On occasion, some processes have crept into nursing and medical practice without appropriate evidence to back up their use. In the past, tetanus shots were given to patients who stepped on a rusty nail.It was assumed—at the time—that if the nail was rusty, it must have had some contact with the barnyard soil outside, which meant that it would be contaminated with bacteria. As time went on, however, tetanus shots continued to be given to patients who cut themselves on rusty objects, regardless of where the rusty object had come from.I was fortunate to have two different clients this week with too completely different and complicated medical history and diagnosis....[tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Diabetes mellitus type 2] - Because central venous catheters (CVCs), which are catheters inserted through a major vein with the tip resting near the heart, serve many purposes such as medication administration, parenteral nutrition, fluid therapy and central venous pressure measurement, their use has become increasingly common in the intensive care unit (ICU) (Polderman & Girbes, 2002).

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By improving on this, I will make less mistakes, document at the right time and facilitate nursing interventions such as medication administration, timely pre and prost medication assessments and client teaching opportunities and healing initiatives.For this reason, clinical decision support (CDS) systems have been created.CDS systems support the decision-making tasks of nursing professionals.Culture is about ways of doing things and it can be learned and changed (Jarvis, 2012).Ethnicity on the other hand a is a form of identification or belonging to a social group bonded by common history and cultural tradition hence, people of the same ethnicity may share a common language, religion, food, dress, and have a common sense of identity....[tags: Dental hygienist, Hygiene, Dentistry, Halitosis] - This assignment will underline three key skills learnt during clinical practice; weight monitoring, blood pressure and bed baths. It allows the individual to look back on previous events and analyse the positives and negatives which occurred in a particular situation.Reflection is used to encourage the development in learning and gaining a more in depth understanding in practice (Beener et al.1996).However, CVC use is associated with an increased risk for hospital-acquired infections (Mc Laws, Gold, King, Irwig, & Berry, 1988), with those in situ for more than six days contributing to increased infection rates compared to those in place for five days or less (Mc Laws & Taylor, 2003)....[tags: Clinical Practice Guidelines] - Study Purpose The purpose of the study discussed in “Bridging the Gap: Clinical Practice Nursing and the Effect of Role Strain on Successful Role Transition and Intent to Stay in Academia” (Cranford, 2012) was to identify predictor factors that influence the role strain on those transitioning from clinical practice to academia.There are many reflective models available including Gibbs (1988)....[tags: Health Care] - Analysis and Application of Clinical Practice Guidelines Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States.


  1. Applied nursing practice ebp some of the evidence based practice in psychology essays, m. Below is a 350- to make more effective evidence-based practice ebp; evidence based practice. It is an integral part caregiver strain and essay.

  2. Evidence-based practice is the integration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture and preferences.

  3. Evidence-Based Practice & Utilizing Research in Practice Lecture Notes Introduction This lecture is from a Nursing program. This is a great example of integrating evidence-based research strategies into professional practice using the PICO technique.

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