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Evaluation Essay On Restaurants Purpose Abstract Research Paper

Just a word: “execution”Jiro maniacally controls the procurement of the ingredients, the cooking phase and the final step of the creation of the nigiri.

Regarding the procurement of ingredients, , Jiro and his son everyday go to Tokyo fish market and they choose only the parts of tunas where its meat has a specific texture.

The man was like a magician to me: mysterious and a bit scary even, yet so fascinating and magnetic.

There was his daughter as well, the first love of mine.

However, some people never recover from the shock of the experience with traditional sushi.

These people are forever lost “As previously mentioned/stated the “traditional sushi” has a simple recipe but its preparation is a real achievement.

In conclusion the traditional sushi has a simple recipe, but its preparation is complex since it requires superb ingredients, a sophisticated manipulation of them and years of experience at the moment of cooking it.

The sushi restaurant clients can be divided in two groups.

At the end, Jiro prepares a nigiri only after the previous one has been eaten by his clients, in order to serve it at the perfect temperature.In the everyday life a lot of people have divergent opinions, but in every subject they have some common points on which everyone agrees.For example, about football everyone considers Maradona an outstanding player, or, inside the world of business it is a common opinion that Steve Jobs was a successful entrepreneur.According to my experience, the evaluation of a sushi restaurant is the only field where this doesn’t happen.In the world of sushi, one restaurant offering low quality fish and chefs with only 2 days training can be considered outstanding, while at the same time another restaurant offering the finest fish and chefs with 20 years experience can be considered disgusting. In my opinion, there are 4 causes: If you want to explore the universe with a telescope you need to take a star as your fixed point.For this reason, if “traditional sushi” is not perfectly prepared, it seems a tasteless insignificant food with the texture of rubber inside your mouth.It often happens that people had the opportunity to eat only in low quality sushi restaurant, nevertheless how much they have payed.This, and the people who worked and still work there.Unlike more spacious restaurants, diners, and chain buffets my parents also took me to, was a family-owned business run by a middle-aged couple, Janette and Derek.Be it a bright orange ribbon in her hair, or a peachy neat cotton dress, or red nail polish—this woman belonged to the place like nobody else, and I doubt it was only the external resemblance. Derek was older, with graying hair and a miniature mustache, which made him look a bit strict to me at the time.But the moment he started talking with his deep, soft, and half-laughing voice, with that particular tender frog-in-the-throat vibe, he would make me listen to his every word with an open mouth.


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