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Essays On The Holocaust

Behind Every Name a Story consists of essays describing survivors’ experiences during the Holocaust, written by survivors or their families.

We encourage all survivors to share their unique experiences to ensure their preservation for future generations.

First of all, it`s very important to find the reliable recourses, where the information is accurate and truthful.Essays are judged on originality, knowledge, style and depth.November 9, 2018 will mark the 80th anniversary of a series of violent attacks against Jews spread across Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.Your tone, serenity, length of sentences really matter…You should transfer the atmosphere of those terrifying events with the help of words…You should pay attention to the author and his/her political views, it`s also necessary to take some notes where witnesses were interviewed.Choose one topic and theme which you will continue to develop, then choose the appropriate arguments and examples.Known as Kristallnacht, or “the night of broken glass,” it was the most open and violent attack on Jews by the Nazi regime up until that time.The aftermath was devastating: between 1,500 and 3,000 Jews were killed; 30,000 were sent to concentration camps; over 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed; and synagogues across Germany were burned down.A spokesman for Editions Gallimard, one of France’s most prominent publishing houses, told L’Express the essays would be edited “in a scientific style” that would expose and explain their anti-Semitic content.Celine, a physician and open supporter of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, published “Journey to the End of the Night” in 1932 about his experiences fighting in World War I.


  1. JTA — France's best-known hunter of Nazis, Serge Klarsfeld, and the country's main umbrella of Jewish groups protested a publisher's plan to.

  2. The Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest is held annually for local high school students. The Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Federation of.

  3. This collection of essays, supplemented by a section describing institutions. are connected with Jewish and Romani life and with the Holocaust Bełżec.

  4. The Institute for Holocaust Education's 15th Annual. Students are asked to write a 750 -1000 word essay about an individual or group that shows moral.

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