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The attitudes of Winterbourne towards Daisy cover a dishonest nature that is revealed severally despite his attempts to restrain them.

This inhumane character is as a result of his viewing reality through a Puritan romantic manner, but the reality is that, he is a wicked sexual monster who depicts Daisy as an object to be sexually manipulated.

The story line continues, and the niece of Kate and Julia Morkan, Gabriel’s aunts, Mary Jane “was playing her Academy piece.” (2178) Gabriel in the same room could not bear to listen to her play the piano because “the only person who seemed to follow the music was Mary Jane herself.” (2178) Gabriel trying to distract himself from the awful music notices a picture above the piano “of the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet” (2178) who we all know from Shakespeare’s play that Romeo and Juliet both die for love.

Joyce places that there for us because later on in the story we come to find out that Gretta’s childhood sweetheart did the same for her.

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Gabriel is an important psychological issue in the story due to his self importance.

“The Dead” In James Joyce’s short story “The Dead” we notice how not living life to its fullest potential can be detrimental to a persons self esteem.

The title contributes to this revelation by setting a strong focus on death and mortality, which serves as a constant reminder throughout the story.

We start to see how Joyce is setting the tone, and how Gabriel’s “emotional sterile” attitude towards his wife progresses.

We also start to notice how Joyce keeps repeating the imagery of falling snow, to keep reminding us to pay attention because, this will add to the musical motifs later on in the story.


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  2. Essay Analysis Of The Poem ' The Dead ' By James Joyce. In Virginia Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse, the character Mrs. Ramsey wants her dinner to be a memorable night, she wishes to make it a time for unity, for everyone to have a good time.

  3. James Joyce’s short stories “Eveline” and “The Dead” basically share a lot of similarities in multiple aspects. Although they are thematically different, the main characters in both stories share nearly similar experiences that basically changed their views, beliefs, and decisions in life.

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