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Essays On Erin Brockovich Movie

Through her file case demand, the company was ordered to pay resettlement fee amounting 333 million dollars which were supposed to be divide by 634 complainants.

The movie was seen to be harsh and lacked elements of truth.The deposits were then leached into the water bodies altering the functioning of the ecosystem.Chromium deposits did not only affect the aquatic system but also the residence through water contamination.Despite being unemployed as well as a single mother, she used any opportunity she came across and made sure that she supported her family well.Though she was so much devoted to her work, she had time to attend to her family.Though there was a clear story in the film, Erin Brockovich does not make the story compelling.When the movie is critically analyzed, one cannot fail to note that it has a poor character development and that it lacks a well-articulated focus.Her big mouth and wearing of trashy clothes made people to dislike her, but because of her tenacity and curiosity, she was given a job as a clerk officer.She dedicated much of her time to work hence getting minimal time to be with her family.Ecosystems are complex ecological environments developed over billions of years.In the movie, it was clearly shown that the common power plant had failed to conserve the ecosystem by depositing acid materials.


  1. Intrigued me when I first watched the movie and what peaked my desire to. The movie describes the story of Erin Brockovich who is a struggling single mother.

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