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Essays On Biography The I Like Most Football Essay

On the other hand, a biography on Nelson Mandela, Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, among other notables would point to their great role and positive contribution to society.Introduction – identification of the person whose biography is to be written.

If the subject’s life is closely connected to their career, the writer can break up the biography into sections such that the various job positions are clearly identified.Such details need to be detailed as a narration and in prose form.Any quotes used in the biography, such as interviews, must be cited appropriately.A biography is a short but elaborate description of a selected person’s life.It details and follows one’s journey from birth to the present time.An effective biography will be brief but it will also capture the most important aspects and experiences of one’s entire life.It is necessary for the biography writer to acknowledge whose life the biography is about, in the introductory part of the paper. In the latter case, one needs to gather enough data about the person whose biography is to be written.An individual can be identified as being special by their profession, character, or contribution to society in various ways. The biographical events touching on major accomplishments such as academic, sports, career accomplishments, among others have to be arranged in such a way that they follow and mirror each other.For instance, the writer can recognize the subject’s accomplishments by age 15, then by 30, by age 40 and so on.The thesis statement will usually be in the introduction, and will summarize the individual’s ‘big picture’ and most important aspects of his or her life. Such data can come from newspapers, internet articles, existing biographies, autobiographies, and government documents other sources.Interviewing the person’s family members, friends, and can also be critical sources of information.


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  2. Essays on Biography. Biographic papers are a separate category of written works that span many unrelated subjects and can be assigned in different courses. These are important as a way of.

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