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Essays In English Health Is Wealth

You can always make wealth, you have the chance of making wealth until you are alive and healthy, but it very difficult to regain health and that is the biggest difference between these two, and it’s very important that we realize it before time.

It’s a famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said it right that health is the actual wealth, if you have health you have everything, and you can do everything if you have health, and you can maintain good health by doing proper exercise, taking healthy food, whenever you feel sick do visit a doctor and never take any symptom lightly because precaution is better than cure.

He was the first one to realize the importance of health and how crucial it is for the survival of human beings and that why he came up with this quote to make us recognize the importance of health.

Even then, many of us chose to opt for an unhealthy lifestyle, drinking, smoking, junk food, staying in bed all day, sleeping late, waking up late and what now.

We think these things do not affect our health but in reality, it does, and we will know that in the future when the time will come.

Therefore, before that time comes, it is really important for us to stop taking health for granted and start taking care of ourselves before it is too late.

You can be happy and healthy, but you can never be unhealthy, wealthy and happy at the same time.

It’s such a famous quote that I am hearing since I was a kid and have seen people using it since then and we must give credit to Ralph Waldo Emerson who quoted this.

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We all know how important health is no matter how old are you at what stage of life you are, health is necessary.

But if you are facing health issues and most of your money is spent on your medicines and checkups then you won’t be able to make money because of your health problems also the money you make will all be gone before you know it, all the money will be spent on health-related issues.

In addition, he rightly said it, and you realize the importance of this quote when you go through a health issue and become dependent on others for everything, and even if you have a lot of money, you still feel incomplete and dependent on others.

But we often take it for granted because we think we are going to stay the same forever, but in reality, nothing stays forever, you have to take care of yourself by making healthy eating choices, exercises, keeping yourself away from all the negativity, tension, and stress.

If you are healthy, you will always stay young at heart, and even if you are old, you will still have the energy like young people, and you would be able to spend quality time with your grandchildren.


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