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Essayists Of Romantic Age

"Preface to the Works of William Shakespeare." The Oxford Authors: Samuel Johnson.

"Books in Space and Time: Bibliomania and Early Modern Histories of Learning and 'Literature' in France." Modern Language Quarterly 61 (2000): 253-86.

The Bibliomania; or, Book-Madness; Containing some account of the History, Symptoms, and Cure of this Fatal Disease.

Ferris looks at the ways in which the highlighting of the physical book-object in the bibliophilic genres of the period worked both to counter the impersonal and abstract forces generally associated with the printing press and to unsettle the divisions organizing the intellectual and cultural field of the period.

In this capacity he authored an Essay towards a Theory of Apparitions, which proposed that ghostly apparitions should be understood as psychological rather than supernatural phenomena and should be investigated therefore by scholars of the brain.

In this context it is worth noting that John Ferriar, the first poet of the bibliomania, was an Edinburgh-trained physician.

"Bibliomania: Book Collecting, Cultural Politics, and the Rise of Literary Heritage in Romantic Britain." Representations 71 (2000): 24-47.

Articles and Translations from The London Magazine; Walladmor.


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