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How this approach strikes a blow for an alternative artistic commitment is shown in a detailed consideration of his performance Looking for a Missing Employee (2003).

This book is about relations between literature, society and politics in the Arab world.

” Mroué reflects on the specific role of the spectator in the moment of theater and in the context of an increasingly globalized art world.

He thus provokes the question in how far it is still legitimate to assess artistic commitment on the basis of the artwork’s references to a specific national context, and thus in relation to a specific local audience as the exclusive group to which the work of art is purportedly addressed.

(Since references could not be included: The text partially refers to studies by Betty S.

Anderson, Sune Haugbolle, Burleigh Hendrickson, and Halim Barakat.) https://

Im soziokulturellen Kontext des Libanon, so die zentrale These dieses Buches, erhält die „Zuschauerfrage“ jedoch eine ganz spezifische Qualität: Über sie können Wahrnehmungsprozesse nicht nur im Theater, sondern vor allem innerhalb der eigenen politischen Gemeinschaft und der Mangel an zivilgesellschaftlicher Partizipation thematisiert werden.

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It is an attempt to come to terms with the changing conceptualizations of the political in Arabic literature in recent modern history.

It examines historical and contemporary conceptions of literary commitment (iltizām) and how notions of ‘writing with a cause’ have been shaped, contested, re-actualized since the 1940s until today.


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  3. University of Kent & Philipps-Universität Marburg". Peace and Conflict Studies MA. Apr, 2018. Kim, Sohyun. "UCLA". Strategy. Mar, 2018. Cheng, Li-Yun.

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