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Essay The Giver By Lois Lowry

Eventually, she returned to school to complete her degree at the University of Southern Maine in 1972. During this time, Lowry started publishing short stories and writing textbooks.

After divorcing Donald in 1977, Lois Lowry published is the story of Meg Chalmers, a teenage girl who has a complicated relationship with her older sister Molly.

Only one person knew about life as we know it society today.

In the community, that person was known as the "Receiver"; the one and only person in the entire community that had any memory of the past; love, war, peace, family, work etc.

Lois, her siblings, and her mother moved to Pennsylvania before the Pearl Harbor bombings in 1941.In this work, the people lived in a community that was designed to be nearly flawless.No person could see color, feel neither hatred nor love; no one had a choice in either occupation or education.At the ceremony of twelve, all children were given their occupation and began training immediately.This was the day that Jonas was chosen to be the new "Receiver".She and her family risk their lives to help Jews escape from Nazi-controlled Denmark into Sweden.Lowry received her second Newbery Medal in 1993 for is the story of Jonas, a boy living in a dystopian society.By her own account, Lowry's childhood was safe, happy, and predictable.Her father was deployed for several years, so Lowry grew up largely without his presence.At the age of eight, he received his front button jacket and at nine he received his bicycle, and so on. Birthdays in the community were celebrated as a community.Everyone that was eleven turned twelve at the end of the year, regardless to their true date of birth.


  1. Essay on the giver by lois lowry - Such a teacher might not answer so well in the privacy threat and other studies had been erected, the results from the late twentieth century was dominated by a lowry lois on essay the giver by knowledge society.

  2. The Giver by Lois Lowry. In the book the giver the people in this world do not see color. They don’t know music. They do not know about death. They are told that the people that are release go to a different community. People believe that they spend their lives in that community forever. Everybody seems happy.

  3. Essay on ‘the Giver’ by Lois Lowry Essay on ‘the Giver’ by Lois Lowry English Discuss how Lois Lowry creates different worlds in texts that comment on our own world in the novel, The Giver. The Giver Essay Cameron MacKay14/11/2010 Lois Lowry’s highly acclaimed children’s novel The Giver, constantly refers to important themes.

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