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Essay Technology Changes How Art Is Created And Perceived Essay On The Origins Of World War One

The game changers – the square pegs, so to speak – are those who saw traditional standards of beauty and decided specifically to go against them, perhaps just to prove a point.

Take Picasso, Munch, Schoenberg, to name just three.

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So how can we define art in terms applying to both cave-dwellers and modern city sophisticates?

Furthermore, ‘communication’ is not the best word for what I have in mind because it implies an unwarranted intention about the content represented.

Aesthetic responses are often underdetermined by the artist’s intentions.

However, art is not necessarily positive: it can be deliberately hurtful or displeasing: it can make you think about or consider things that you would rather not.

But if it evokes an emotion in you, then it is art.


  1. This was a common device of religious art of the Middle ages, for example in the frescoes by Giotto from the Church of San Francesco de Assisi, where sequences of panels were used to tell stories from the Scriptures or lives of saints Getlein, 15. 26. The definition of art continues to change as we cross continents.

  2. Tattoos in the Workplace Essay. Most people instantly have an opinion of them; they are either for or against tattoos. What is not realized is the fact that there is a ton of time and effort put into the sketching and placement of a tattoo. People tattoo themselves as a way of self-expression and liberation.

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