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Essay Speech How To Reduce Environmental Problems Tulane Essay Prompt 2013

The global warming happens because the natural rotation of the sun that changes the intensity of sunlight and moving closer to the earth.

Another cause of global warming is greenhouse gases.

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center “if the ice melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet”.

It affects many low lying areas such as the Netherlands.

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Global warming is the average temperature of Earth has increases since 1950 until now the temperature continuing increasing.

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Finally, methane is another issue that causes global warming. Methane is more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere that carbon dioxide by 20 times. For instance, it can be from cattle, landfill, natural gas, petroleum systems, coal mining, mobile explosion, or industrial waste process.

The greenhouse gases will stay in the atmosphere for many years since hundreds years ago.

However, the effect that global warming will cause on earth are extremely serious.

As the temperature increase, the ice at the North Pole will melt.

Once the ice melt the first effect will be raise on sea levels because the melting glaciers become oceans.


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