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Essay Questions On The Old Testament

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The class began as a training seminary for those who had been nominated for elders or deacons.

After I am worn out and my master is old, will I now have this pleasure?

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem…how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. Grant that one of these two sons of mine may sit at your right and the other at your left in the kingdom. The fire and the wood are here, but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?

And more often than not, the test proves to be an edifying experience. Killed a thousand Philistines with a donkey’s jawbone?

For fun, and for your own evaluation and learning, I thought I’d post the questions that comprised the knowledge portion of the exam.


  1. Keys to Resolving Difficult Questions. By Edward J. Brandt. Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding the Old Testament? Does the purpose of some of.

  2. To learn what the Bible has to say on a variety of issues affecting our everyday lives, choose from the complete list of topics below. If you are looking for Bible.

  3. The exam contains a couple longer essays, short answers, and a series of questions testing basic Bible knowledge. We are careful to say that.

  4. Note that there are separate sections for essays regarding The Bible, Homiletics. Predestination and Election A look at the topics of predestination and election.

  5. Perhaps the most interesting chapter in this section asks "What Questions Does. The final essay in this section, "In What Way Does Old Testament Theology.

  6. BIBL 105 Old Testament Narrative Essay; Liberty University; Old Testament Bible. Week 3 Study Questions; Liberty University; Old Testament Survey; BIBL 105.

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