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Essay On Pakistan Resolution Day

Newspapers printed news about Lahore Resolution, demanding division of India The statement The Lahore resolution was actually adopted on March 24, but officially in Pakistan March 23 is considered the date of its adoption.In 1941, it became part of the Muslim League’s constitution.

Pakistan Resolution Day – 23 march Urdu speech for children In history, this day is very important for Pakistani Muslims and they also respect this day and celebrate it.

The Muslim League held in Minot Park Lahore and it is that time is started in three days 22 March to 24 March and the main day is 23 March in this day our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah speech and say the Muslim we are taking the separate country and is it the part of parcel for us and he also says that the Hindu and Muslims are two fully diffident nations and they never lived together so we want to separate it At the last, with the full struggle of our leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it is confirmed that and signature that Pakistan is a separate country and the lived in west side and at last Pakistan is independent at the day of 14 August 1947 and in this day all Muslim are very happy.

23 March is celebrated in every year it’s a very important day for us and it continues at the end of this world and it is the great day of the history Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that we need separate nation because we want to develops to the fullest spiritual, cultural, economic social and political life in our way as we want to do this and as we think that it is better for us and we are lived happily how what rules we applied it which we are lived happily in what type of rule Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speech : We are all Pakistani and loved Pakistan and our father of nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah and listing her word own her own voice and we remember her all speech what he says us about the unity and Pakistan and says that we are great to all “He says the Muslims and encourage that he says that the Muslims are bear every difficult and face very difficult and we also need more and more sacrifices for the independence and our independence never fruitless“ In this day our leader tells us that the Hindu and Muslim are two different Nation and they never lived to gather Many difference b/w these two nations : They are two different religious They are the difference of philosophies, social custom and leathered They neither enters marry nor dine.

Pakistan resolution in the Sindh Assembly The Sindh assembly was the first British Indian legislature to pass the resolution in favour of Pakistan. This text was buried under the Minar-e-Pakistan during its building in the Ayub regime.

In this session the political situation was analyzed in detail and Muslim demands a separate homeland only to maintain their identification and to safeguard their rights.


  1. The Lahore Resolution Urdu قرارداد لاہور, Qarardad-e-Lahore; Bengali লাহোর প্রস্তাব, Lahor Prostab, also known as the Pakistan Resolution.

  2. Documentary on Ideology of Pakistan in context of 23 March 1940. A Documentary on 23 March, The Pakistan Day. Up next. 23 March 1940 Pakistan Resolution Day by Allama Ghulam Ahmed Parwez - Duration.

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