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Essay On Medical Care

The surgeon's care to remove the tumour, ensuring minimal damage to surrounding healthy brain and his commitment to achieve the best outcome for the patient was inspiring.The chance to have such a positive impact on a patient has motivated me to seek out a career in Medicine.

I was captivated by the way she used language to bring her experiences to life.

We began writing together in our free time, trying to better understand ourselves by putting a pen to paper and attempting to paint a picture with words.

I felt my style shift over time as I grappled with challenges that seemed to defy language.

ESSAY Exposure to the medical career from an early age by my father, who would explain diseases of the human body, sparked my interest for Medicine and drove me to seek out work experience.

I witnessed the contrast between use of bone saws and drills to gain access to the brain, with subsequent use of delicate instruments and microscopes in neurosurgery.


  1. In this essay we discuss key methodological challenges in the measurement of health-care equity and propose ways forward. The ascertainment of equity in.

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