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Essay On Expectancy Theory Of Motivation

From either a Managers or Workers point of view, these theories eave proven to be effective in the workplace and have helped shape many companies of today.Comparative Review Motivational Theories have provided companies with systems that allow Managers and Workers to develop methods or tactics to be effective in the workplace.The emphasis, accordingly, was on the efficient use of resources, especially human resources, in the employment of a systematic model of organizations.Later theorists modified this approach by taking account of social and environmental as well as technical factors in the workplace.Whether it is money offered by a classical manager, or recognition offered by a behavioral manager, the expectancy theory still applies (Lealer, 1968).

The general conclusion Mayo came to was that there is more to work than just the work.His models have been tested and extended, and remain important landmarks in the discipline of industrial psychology.The expectancy theory can be used in conjunction with any other motivational theories.Essentially, in order for anyone to be motivational, the person to be motivated must want what is being offered and must believe he or she has a chance to earn what is being offered. A manager can be perfectly fair and equitable in these matters, but if the worker believes he or she is not capable of earning the reward, then it will not be motivational.If a worker further believes that there is too much competition from their co-workers for the reward or that their coworkers are better qualified, this incentive will fail to motivate them.Mayo and a team of researchers studied the productivity of workers under changing conditions in temperature, humidity, and illumination.Conventional wisdom at the time was that external working conditions were directly responsible for worker productivity.Their emphasis was as much on employee satisfaction as on organizational effectiveness.Behavioral Management began with he interpretations of the Hawthorne studies by Elton Mayo.When first beginning a career, money may be the main reason or working.Another reason that behavioral management’s motivational techniques were not perfect was that some manager’s attempts at using behavioral techniques were so transparent that they were seen as being manipulative, and the attempts failed.


  1. The expectancy theory of motivation proposed by Victor Vroom will help companies to understand how to achieve this motivation level. The theory of motivation states that employee’s motivation is the outcome of how much of individual wants a reward. The theory revolves around three distinct perceptions.

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