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Essay On Dowry In Pakistan

Demonstrating the love of Jesus by educating and training women and young girls and by empowering their families provides a path of escape to a better future where nodowry is needed.

An Intra Health study discovered that “religious leaders had more power than anyone to prevent underage marriages” and arrangement of dowries.

It up to all of us to take active steps in bringing about the necessary change and stop either giving or taking dowry.

We must all know that we should start valuing our daughters first, so that others know their value once they grow up.

Maybe change is in the gift of young men who do appear to have power within their families to stop this practice?

In North Side, still, there is a dowry system in well educated family as well.

ASIA – Gospel for Asia released a special report on “Seeking Justice & Defending Human Rights.” In addition to being available on the ministry’s website, the report was published in three parts on Patheos.

The recurring theme of the report was abuse and indignity suffered by women and children, especially those in developing countries in Asia and the larger 10/40 Window.

They appear to be powerless to stop themselves being sold in marriage.

The fact that the laws against the dowry system are not enforced allows crimes against women to continue, ranging from emotional abuse and injury to even death.

Perhaps the most horrible of deaths involving forced marriages and dowries are “bride burnings.”An MBA Rendezvous study says that “bride burning and dowry are [an] integral part…” of some Asian cultures.

This finding is especially encouraging, as we seek to transform one community at a time and help the families in those communities to be embraced by a love that will never fade or fail: The love of Jesus.

Dowry is a social evil in the society, that has caused unimaginable tortures and crimes towards women.


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