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Essay On Discipline In The Military

The members of the army are required to exhibit high levels of courage in the execution of their duties and participation in the operations of the army.They are not required to show any sign of cowardice in the conduct of their duties as this could lead to losses at the battlefront.This means that each of them is required to be an example to the rest of the community and ensure that the army is respected in all the activities and operations it engages in.Integrity is the act of being consistent in one’s values, behavior, principles, methods, and outcomes.This essay explicates the significance of discipline and integrity in the army.Discipline is significant in the army because it enhances proper communication between individuals.

It is vital for the army to develop proper communication that would ensure that every instruction is effectively executed.

With discipline, proper communication skills are developed within the army hence ensuring that there is a smooth flow of communication between individuals.

This means that issues emanating from the junior members of the army reach the top-level members of the army and feedback is given back within the required time.

It ensures that the army is recognized as a single unit with common goals.

Thus, discipline ensures that all members work together as a team aimed at protecting the country from external and internal invasion.


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  2. Military customs have been defined as acts involving courtesy and discipline when dealing with other people, including the army personnel and civilians.

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