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Essay On Aping Of Western Culture By Young Generation Classic Case Studies In Psychology Book

The young brigade lives for itself and throws everything else to the wind.For them life is a huge party and in their bid to party hard, they are unconsciously ruining their life.

The present day youth is behind the advancing technologies . MINNU MARIA Class XI APING WESTERN CULTURE It is the era of globalisation. The modern industrial culture is the product of western culture.Rasha Parveen X STD MIND ACCORDING TO OUR VEDANTAS The nature of our mind is very difficult to understand because the mind is very subtle as well as hidden.Since the inception of human civilization scholars are trying to understand human mind. When parents typically say “back in our days”, children even me groan and say, “we’re the new generation, so those stories don’t quiet affect us anymore.” But children don’t realize that due to those stories their parents were able to lead successful lives.The present day generation enjoy a new kind of freedom living a life completely different from their parents’.At parties like these alcohol flows freely and all inhibitions are shed. They are not exposed to the spiritual and lasting’s values of Indian culture.Today’s generation seems to have lost respect for their elders.The “new generation” concept is influencing the minds of young children day by day. The fascination for the materialistic culture is quite obvious. Sometimes they openly deny and mock traditions, old ideas and ideals.They doesn’t even like others interfering in any of their personal matters, they don’t even like parents ordering them. Children, parents, society or rather the advancing technology ?? Much has been said and written about how the youth is far removed from the values that make good human being.With all laptops, notepads,ipod,mp3 players, mobile phones and even social networking sites they are far.. But it is quite often noticed that today’s youth appear to be more self- centric and less cultured. Keyboards and keypads are becoming the keys to our hearts.. It is quite natural that it dominates the cultural scenario of the world.The present day kids have become blinded and thankless for their freedom and they have obtained a new desire to become mature rather quickly. Even us for knowing about this, we just put it aside saying, it is because of the gap.. The younger generations like fun, enjoyment and adventures. Their attitude to the age long customs and values is quite lukewarm.


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