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Essay Of Tourism Year 2011

“Tourism, if cultivated properly, may help a country to earn foreign exchange as well as friends from across the land seas helping to forge link of mutual understanding and appreciations for a better world of tomorrow.” Thus, tourism is emerging as good option for rural development as well as for uplifting living standard of people in developing countries like Nepal – King Birendra.In 1983 a tour operator in Costa Rica registered the word ‘Ecotourism’ for his tour operating business.Soon after this, the word was used in a few public articles in Costa Rica.The term ecotourism is defined as traveling to relatively undisturbed natural areas with such objectives as studying, admiring and enjoying the scenery with its flora and fauna as well as the people who live nearby their needs, their culture and relationship to the land.The country has been consistently ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world.Nepal’s poverty headcounts remained 25.4 percent in 2011.

With its natural beauties and cultural heritage like Mount Everest (crown of the world), snow Peak Mountains, the birthplace of Lord Buddha (apostle of peace), a number of lakes and 13 rivers etc.

Ecotourism to be sustainable the type and extent of tourism activity must be balanced against the capacity of the natural and manmade resources available.

Growth and development of traditional mass tourism in the environmentally fragile areas caused destruction and deteriorating the fragile environment results (in) the ecosystem eroded or disturbed.

Development and promotion of tourism sector contribute to generating employment to male and female and income opportunities. Foreign exchange earns from tourism in 2012 was 6 which is around 8 percent of GDP (MOF, 2069).

Tourism also increases government revenue through various types of 11 taxations and reduce nation trade deficits. It helps to develop international peace, friendship, and understandings.


  1. Visit Nepal 2020' is the tourism year that Nepal would observe in the year 2020 as declared by. Nepal's poverty headcounts remained 25.4 percent in 2011.

  2. The Nepal Tourism Year NTY-2011 is being officially marked with fanfare across the country on Friday. Nepal has charted out a plan to bring in a million.

  3. In 2009, the government of republic Nepal announced that the year 2011 will be celebrated as Nepal Tourism Year. In order to make Nepal Tourism Year 2011 a.

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