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Essay Informal Inive

Advertisement: In the class 12 CBSE English paper invitation and reply writing, choices will be given to attempt any one question out of the given two Short Answer Questions (4 marks each) based on any of the following – Standard expression Purpose of the invitation Name of the honouree Day, date and time of the event Name of the place, location with complete address RSVP (Respond if it pleases you) Telephone or mobile number or address of the host SENDER’s ADDRESS- The sender’s address is usually put on the top right-hand corner of the page. Below are a few solved questions for you so that you get an idea as to how to attempt class 12 English writing skills -invitation and reply writing question well.

DATE (In expanded) - The sender’s address is followed by the date just below it, i.e. This is the date on which the invitation is being written. RECEIVER’s ADDRESS SUBJECT- Then we sum up the purpose of writing the invitation in one line. Remember, the more you read and practice, the better it is.

This helps the receiver focus on the subject of the invitation in one glance. SALUTATIONS- This is where you greet the person you are addressing the invitation to. As per, CBSE guidelines, it should not exceed the prescribed word limit. You are Faiz/Falak Mazumdar living at 39, Udampur Colony, Shimla. Thank you Yours affectionately Faiz/ Falak Mazumdar Answer: 25, M. Road Mumbai 10 December, 20XX Dear Rameshwari As the winters are approaching, I invite you to spend the winter break with me at my house in Mumbai.

---------BODY------- COMPLEMENTARY CLOSURE- Mention the name given in the question paper. DESIGNATION Features of a Formal invitation are as follows- Formal Replies Main characteristics of a formal reply are as follows: • Acknowledge the invitation. You decide to hold a dinner party to congratulate your grandparents on their golden wedding anniversary. Faiz/ Falak Mazumdar 98100XXXXX OR 39, Udampur Colony Shimla 01 March, 20XX Dear Uncle/ Aunt/ any other family member On the auspicious occasion of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my grandparents, I invite you to the grand dinner at my residence. At that time, the weather here is pleasant due to sea winds. On 30th November, your school is going to hold its annual sports day. Dhanraj Pillai, a noted hockey player to give away the prizes to the budding sportspersons of the school.

Father has found the perfect (2) ______________________________. The campsite is located just (3) __________________________________ from your house.

Answer: Sunrise Global School Agra 01 November, 20XX Sir Our school is organising its Annual Sports Day on 30th November, 20XX.

Your gracious presence will act as a catalyst and inspire us all.

He said the place is serene, (7)______________________________ and (8) ______________________________. Apart from making the place (9) ______________________________, the greenery makes the atmosphere so cool and refreshing.

Moreover, there’s an unpolluted, crystal clear waterfall waiting to tempt us. I can bring along my new board game which is extremely fun and hilarious.


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