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Essay Heart Failure

The burden of HF syndrome on the health organizations is huge as HF is the most common reason for hospitalization in the USA costing billions annually spent on the management of this syndrome (Brostrom et al., 2004).

There are no specific statistics found in concern with HF prevalence in the Arab Gulf states or in Bahrain.

Bahrain as a part of Arab Gulf States is subjected to an increase in the HF cases despite the improved access to advance technology.

The society is tending for urbanization and inactivity, expanding the possibilities for cardiovascular diseases to be the main cause of morbidity and mortality in the region (Habeeb et al., 2009).

Thus, nurses should continue striving for new enquiries and seek for answerers (Gerrish and Lacey, 2010).

"Nursing research is a systematic enquiry that seeks to add new nursing knowledge to benefit patients, families and communities.

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The aim of this study is to explore the lived experiences of men younger than 65 years old of age diagnosed with HF.

Thus, statistically the number of men admitted with hypertensive diseases and pulmonary edema are more than female in the age category of 45-64 years, the age which is considered the older adulthood to average retirement age according to United Nation standard international age classification 1982 (Nations, 1982).

These statistics reveal the increasing number of HF patients, and the expected increase in number in the near future.

HF is a progressive condition resulting in poor quality of life to the patients, and irrespective to the age, around 20% of adults above the age of 40 are suspected to develop HF (Ramani et al., 2010).

Symptoms of HF are affecting the quality of life of the victims in different aspects of daily living activities.


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