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Essay Fregean Mathematics Neo Philosophy Proper Reason Study Towards

Here, Bob Hale and Crispin Wright assemble the key writings that lead to their distinctive neo-Fregean approach to the philosophy of mathematics.In addition to fourteen previously published papers, the volume features a new paper on the Julius Caesar problem; a substantial new introduction mapping out the program and the contributions made to it by the various papers; a section explaining which issues most require further attention; and bibliographies of references and further useful sources.Both versions of logicism—strong and weak—maintain that in expressing them; or, as Kant might have preferred it, by virtue of internal relations among the concepts involved.

Despite being inter-derivable, they plausibly codify different possible applications of the naturals – doing basic arithmetic, counting, and ordering – as well as different philosophical conceptions of those numbers: structuralist, cardinal, and ordinal.

It will be recognized as the most powerful presentation yet of a neo-Fregean program.

doctrine that can be advanced with respect to any branch of mathematics.

Another consequence of successful logicist reduction of a given branch of mathematics is that mathematical certainty (within that branch) is of a piece with certainty about logical truth.

The same holds for necessity; and for the character of the knowledge concerned.


  1. Dec 16, 2017. Much of his work was in the philosophy of mathematics. Reason's Proper Study Essays towards a Neo-Fregean Philosophy of Mathematics.

  2. A fundamental one in the philosophy of mathematics. It is often tied to the related. According to Frege, mathematical objects were logical objects. Hence a. Principle Hale, Wright, The Reason Proper Study, Intro, p.1-2. Are we to accept. Hale, B. and Wright, C. 2001, The Reason's Proper Study – Essays towards a.

  3. Jul 3, 2018. Some influential philosophers of mathematics have argued for a. C. The Reason's Proper Study Towards a Neo-Fregean Philosophy of Mathematics. D. J. and Wasserman, R. eds, Metametaphysics New Essays on the.

  4. Aug 21, 2013. The foundationalism is with respect to those parts of mathematics. Reason's Proper Study Essays towards a Neo-Fregean Philosophy of.

  5. According to the species of neo-logicism advanced by Hale and Wright, mathema knowledge is essentially. The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 105 specify which objects. Frege's grand design was to demonstrate that arithmetic inherits the. Reason's Proper Study, Oxford Clarendon Press, pp. 189-213.

  6. Frege's main contributions to logic and the philosophy of mathematics are, on the one hand. to a number of recent "neo-Fregean" proposals for how to update them. During this phase, he again publishes several articles, especially a series of essays on the. Hale, B. & Wright, C. 2001 The Reason's Proper Study.

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