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The leaders and pundits who say otherwise are doing you a disservice.Sure, they’re getting a lot of clicks and selling ads by framing your struggle as one of an embattled minority silenced by the overbearing liberalism of academia, but that false equivalence is not helping you prepare for the wider world.Most of us conservatives didn’t suffer from similar injustices, but we saw ourselves nevertheless as victims of ideological oppression.I was pretty good at spreading this narrative, in large part because I had one of the loudest voices on campus.

If anything, it helped me better correct the left’s misconceptions about my beliefs.Students were made to take part in politics long before the independence of the country.They were the vanguard (front leader) of the national struggle for independence.For this reason I have some advice for those in college who are concerned about their freedom of speech. It seemed that everyone was celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, and I didn’t see a role for myself in that.I was a reasonably good-natured kid from a modest Catholic household when I showed up to my liberal arts campus. It occurred to me, as it has to countless other conservative students, that I might also be a kind of minority — an “ideological minority” — because of my conservative political views.Acknowledge arguments you disagree with on their own terms, and respond to their substance.For example, instead of claiming that regulating offensive Halloween costumes is stifling free speech, speak out with an argument about the value of “offensive” Halloween costumes. Put conservative ideas at the forefront of your politics, even if conservative leaders and icons have largely abandoned conservatism.Outside of college, most people don’t care about what you care about — not because you’re a conservative but because you’re a person in a diverse world, ideologically and otherwise.The better you are at convincing people to care about what you care about, the more politically effective you will be. Don’t adopt a posture you disagree with just because it plays well in conservative media.Gandhiji often gave a call for civil disobedience movements and the students took an active part in them.As a matter of fact the game of politics is not at all beneficial to the student community.


  1. Student politics thus carried a complex agenda. On the one hand, it responded to watershed events such as the banning of the ANC, the Sharpeville massacre.

  2. Minnesota was an epicenter of the politics of the 1930s when the. Rosalind Matusow Belmont, a student at the University and activist during. NEXT ESSAY.

  3. Political disengagement. Extensive focus groups with students on campuses around the country indicated that “most college students believe that politics is not.

  4. Jul 24, 2013. How to Write an Effective Response to This Essay Question. Commons, I was particularly excited by the outward political activism on campus.

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