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Galleries started putting on exhibitions of a photographer’s body of work, such as the photographs of William Eggleston and Steven Shore and Gary Winogrand.Helmut Newton captured the viewers attention, creating erotica with images of female nude models.Edward Burtynsky creates art from the effects of man polluting the environment.Andreas Gursky is known for his large-format images of landscape and architecture.Irving Penn created art with his camera by organizing and then taking photographs of still life, including cigarette butts and food.At the same time during the late 60s, conceptual art became popular in the art world, which meant that photographers and other artists started using the camera to capture images that embodied ideas.By Dave Hood “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams When is a photograph a work of art? Content referring to the artist’s intention or message.

The art world began recognizing “snapshot aesthetics” as art.

The contemporary art world has also judged photojournalism and documentary photography to be art.

Photojournalism and documentary photographs adorn the walls of most galleries.

Robert Frank journeyed across the United states in an old car, capturing the ordinary, banal, prosaic of American life.

In the 1960s, a myriad of photographers followed the footsteps of Robert Frank and began creating “snap shot aesthetics” with their film-based cameras.


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