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English Essay Spm Internet

They can be extremely helpful and make our stay safer ...(read more) It is human nature to long for a happy life.

It is important that children have and maintain real friendships in order to develop their own interpersonal skills.

Not only this, it can also have negative effects on local communities if people are spending most of their time communicating online and not mixing in their neighbourhoods, and possibly lead to feelings of isolation for those individuals who do not have a ‘real’ person to turn to in times of need.

To conclude, I believe that the internet has undoubtedly been beneficial, but there are good reasons to be concerned about social interaction in our societies.

Since reading brings forth a lot of benefits such as to expand ones knowledge, improve ones language skills ...(read more) Clutching my belongings, I jostled my way through the milling crowd and seated myself alongside a few members of the audience.

There I sat, looking down upon a scene the like of which I ...(read more) Strolling in a park is an enjoyment to me.


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