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English Dissertation

CONTINUOUS REGISTRATIONContinuous registration as a graduate student is required unless a formal leave of absence is granted by the dean of the student’s school.A leave of absence will be granted for military duty, medical reasons, and for family leave; this leave is typically for up to one year and "stops the clock" on time to completion.No language or other degree examinations may be taken while a student is on leave of absence.A student without an approved leave of absence who fails to register each semester will be considered to have withdrawn from candidacy for the degree; approval by the Graduate Dean and recertification are required for reinstatement.Johnson PDF Border-Crossing Travels Across Literary Worlds: My Shamanic Conscientization, Scott Neumeister PDF Traveling Women and Consuming Place in Eighteenth-Century Travel Letters and Journals, Cassie Patricia Childs PDF “The Nations of the Field and Wood”: The Uncertain Ontology of Animals in Eighteenth-Century British Literature, J.Kevin Jordan PDF Modern Mythologies: The Epic Imagination in Contemporary Indian Literature, Sucheta Kanjilal PDF Science in the Sun: How Science is Performed as a Spatial Practice, Natalie Kass PDF Body as Text: Physiognomy on the Early English Stage, Curtis Le Van PDF Tensions Between Democracy and Expertise in the Florida Keys, Elizabeth A.Committee members who are unable to be attend in person should arrange to participate via Skype or conference call.

PDF An(other) Rhetoric: Rhetoric, Ethics, and the Rhetorical Tradition, Kathleen Sandell Hardesty PDF Mapping Dissertation Genre Ecology, Kate Lisbeth Pantelides PDF Dead Man's Switch: Disaster Rhetorics in a Posthuman Age, Daniel Patrick Richards PDF "Of That Transfigured World" : Realism and Fantasy in Victorian Literature, Benjamin Jude Wright PDF Failed Heroes: Hypermasculinity in the Contemporary American Novel, Josef D. Honnold PDF Shaping Identity: Male and Female Interactions in Cinema, Jonette Lauren Lagamba PDF "Bite on Boldly": Staging Medieval and Early Modern Heretics, Cameron Hunt Mcnabb PDF Circling Back Home: A Lifelong Odyssey into Feminism, Scott Leslie Neumeister PDF Musical Rhetoric and Sonic Composing Processes, Kyle D.

All students are expected to complete their dissertations by the end of the sixth year of study.

In accordance with the Provost's Academic Rules for Ph.

Personal leave for other reasons may be granted for up to one year with the approval of the Graduate Dean, but it does not automatically change the time limit.

Additional requirements for return may be imposed by the Graduate Dean.


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