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Effective School Environment Essay

Student performance has been shown to improve in schools where the entire school community works toward goals that are communicated and shared among all in the learning environment. Secure and Organized The fifth and final attribute of a successful school is the extent to which the school is secure and organized.

For maximum learning to occur, students need to feel secure.

Additional attributes that influence effective schools include time to learn, teacher quality, and parental trust.

Research supports the view that the more time a student spends learning, and the more efficiently that time is used, the higher their achievement.

Trust and parental participation are also features of a successful school.

Trust between all parties of the school community is vital for enhancing the school's effectiveness because it supports the prospect that parents and teachers believe in each other's motives and actions.

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High expectations of students have repeatedly been shown to have a positive impact on student performance.

Respect is a quality that is promoted and is a fundamental aspect of an effective and safe school.

Successful schools also have a number of trained staff and programs, such as social workers, who work with difficult or troubled students before situations get out of hand.

There are five common attributes that make up an effective school. Leadership The first attribute is quality leadership.

Students perform better when the principal and school board members provide strong leadership.


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