Ecsu College Essay

Often students are able to complete watch stander qualifications at their unit, which will substantially help them when they become an Officer.After completing their junior year of college, CSPI students attend a three week leadership training course in New London, CT during the summer; “Officer Candidate Indoctrination.” Following, college graduation, CSPI students attend the 17-week officer candidate school (OCS) in New London, CT.The Center administers the University's dual-advising services for first-year students and provides advising support services to the various academic departments.

All program offerings are designed to assist students to achieve their full potential at the college level. The Center is closed on Saturdays, holidays and for weather-related events. For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-5198. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit The Writing Center Director: Dr.Many junior officers typically receive subsequent assignments in the career field of their initial assignment.Opportunities exist to receive training and qualifications in other specialties, and pursue a subsequent assignment in a different career field and/or a sub-specialty such as intelligence, human resources, engineering and C4IT, international affairs, legal, recruiting, financial management and training.The Center helps students apply the information they learn to their own unique educational goals and personal circumstances. For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-5198.In addition, the Advising Center administers and coordinates the following academic and administrative support programs and services: Advising Center is open Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m to 7 p.m, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m to 5 p.m during the academic year. For additional information and scheduling appointments, visit Subject Tutoring Coordinator: Lisa Zowada, ASC Subject Tutoring provides professional and student tutors to assist students who request help in particular subjects or courses. Keep gas in your car in case you’re evacuated from your area.I pray safe travels and protection for family and loved ones near and far.Funding includes not only payment of tuition, books, and fees, but a full-time Coast Guard salary, housing allowance, and medical benefits.During the school year, students participate in a minimum of 16 hours a month of Coast Guard activities and are supervised by the Recruiter in Charge (RIC) at their recruiting office.The ASC is comprised of the following offices: The Advising Center, The Mathematics Achievement Center (MAC), Subject Tutoring, and The Writing Center. For more information, stop by or call (860) 465-4526.Additional information about our services can be found on the web at The Advising Center Interim Director: Alison Garewski, ASC The Advising Center takes a proactive approach to academic advising and student development services for undergraduate students.


  1. Following college graduation, CSPI students receive a guaranteed position at. an Active Duty Coast Guard Officer” page and follow the application process.

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