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Does Religion Cause War Essay

At this point he might have disarmed his opponent and claimed victory.

Instead, he opted to hack off Goliath’s head with his own sword. To begin with, the commandment “thou shalt not kill” clearly does not apply to military opponents.

Religious differences instigate a great deal of political conflict and violence.

So say the New Atheists — a group of popular writers including Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens (1).

It is not just that warfare and explicit violence are recurrent themes.

Even more striking is the implicit approval of homicidal acts.

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Each religious belief and every practice manages experience with one or more universal goals. Winning means being claimed as a God, which is curious because every MAN who has ever been claimed as God tends to lose their civilization shortly after. Since your all a bunch of frauds and liars, claim me as evil, "cast me out", claim the Roman Emperor as God, then I can wipe you out and get the hell out of here. Your efforts are wasted other then to serve as further evidence of the quite knowledgeable and intentional rebellion.

The strongest proponents of world peace are secular developed nations rather than religious countries and they donate more money to poor countries (2). That being said though you did kind of weigh out the entire bible on one story, having been raised heavily Catholic (regardless of my actual thoughts on religion) myself, I can say from experience that the anti-outsider-like stories are usually buried by stories of good Samaritons, openly welcomed upper-class tax collectors and acts of kindness towards leprosy-ridden outcasts. There is no contemporaneous evidence of your Christ either, no Roman, Jewish or whatever chroniclers made any mention of it until 3 or for generations later.

Religion is rarely the intrinsic cause of conflict and explicitly religious wars, such as the medieval Crusades are rare. Why atheism will replace religion: The triumph of earthly pleasures over pie in the sky. Maybe someone should tally up the number of each type of story in the bible to give us a complete view haha. It seems the liberalist "secular" writers after meditation seem to think the Bible is the Zen scriptures. God specifically shut David down from building him a Temple for the wars he had fought. However even us the Christians rarely find the need to understand in context. If it was thou shalt not kill it would not make sense to punish murderers by death. (Don't use Josephus Flavius - that was shown to be a later forged insertion from the mid 9th century). The Bible is filled with war, violence, etc., etc.......isn't advocating any of that horror.....simply reporting it....

Religion is powerfully motivating and belligerent humans fight over it.

Heck, religion has caused conflict even in my diverse and tolerant family.


  1. Jul 2, 2013. Today the Guardian runs extracts from one of its chapters, Doesn't religion cause most of the conflict in the world. by all four contributors.

  2. Apr 14, 2016. It does not necessarily reflect the views expressed in RationalWiki's Mission. I found the first ridiculous claim that "religion is the cause of war".

  3. Causes. The wars of the ancient world, involving the Egyptian, Babylonian. Persian, Greek, and Roman empires, weren't launched out of religious scruples.

  4. Form human nature the perennial causes of viole sway, and allegiance to the prince of peace did little whom war was a way of life. At times religious differences.

  5. Question If believing in a god or gods is good, then why is so much pain and suffering caused by religion—like the crusades, suicide bombings, etc. etc?

  6. Nov 18, 2014. The Huffington Post UK's Beyond Belief series chronicled the remarkable lives of Britons who've taken on their faith to create a force for change.

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