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A graduate degree in Statistics from Rice can take you many places: from the most prestigious medical research institutions, to the high stakes world of financial and energy companies, to government research labs, or technology firms.

Statisticians are in high demand in today’s data driven world, and our students are placed in a wide variety of industrial, government, and academic positions upon graduation.

Schneiders PDF A Tale of Waves and Eddies in a Sea of Rotating Turbulence, Amrik Sen PDF Stability and Bifurcations of a Piecewise-Smooth Elasto-Plastic Inverted Pendulum Model : Towards an Understanding of Dynamics of Buildings under Earthquake-Type Forcing, Sekson Sirisubtawee PDF Numerical Experiments of Dynamical Processes During the 2011-2013 Surge of the Bering-Bagley Glacier System, Using a Full-Stokes Finite Element Model, Thomas Trantow PDF Dispersive shock wave interactions and two-dimensional ocean-wave soliton interactions, Douglas Eugene Baldwin PDF Rogue Waves in Optics and Water, Tommaso Buvoli PDF Destruction of Invariant Tori in Volume-Preserving Maps, Adam Merritt Fox PDF On the adaptive use of information in habitat selection, Theodore Emil Galanthay PDF Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Parallel Computing, Systems, and Graphs, Tobias M.

Jones PDF Efficient Particle Tracking Algorithms for Solute Transport in Fracture Rock with Absorption and Matrix Diffusion, Dylan Lowell Klein PDF Nonlinear Approximations in Filter Design and Wave Propagation, Ryan D.

We find that the LRTM outperforms or matches strong HMM benchmarks for the majority of customers in out-of-sample predictions, while requiring about half the computation time.

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Leibs PDF Fundamental Limits of Network Communication with General Message Sets: A Combinatorial Approach, Henry Paul Romero PDF The Effectiveness of Calculus Workgroup on Student Performance in Calculus: A Mixed-Methods Approach, Brita B.Satkauskas PDF Analysis and Numerical Performance of Methods of Solving the Time Independent Schr¨odinger Equation for Simulation in Strong-Field Physics, Erez Shani PDF Feature-Based Calibration of a Global Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Model for Geomagnetic Storms, Victoria Anne Slattum PDF Seeking Space Aliens and the Strong Approximation Property: a (Disjoint) Study in Dust Plumes on Planetary Satellites and Nonsymmetric Algebraic Multigrid, Benjamin Scott Southworth PDF Domain Adaptation for Factoid Question Answering, Davis Yoshida PDF ULF Waves and Diffusive Radial Transport of Charged Particles, Ashar Fawad Ali PDF Efficient Time-Integration Schemes for Discontinuous Galerkin Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Models, Lei Bao PDF Qualitative Analysis of Some Nonlinear PDE systems, Zu Cheng PDF Advances in MCMC Methods with Applications to Particle Filtering, DSMC, and Bayesian Networks, Dale Kurtis Jennings PDF Application of Rbf-Fd to Wave and Heat Transport Problems in Domains with Interfaces, Bradley Pifer Martin PDF Detection and Characterization of Ice Surface Elevation Profiles from Micropulse Photon-Counting Lidar Data, Gavin Christopher Medley PDF Investigations of Reduced Equations for Rotating, Stratified and Non-hydrostatic Flows, David Joseph Nieves PDF Stochastic Weather Generation with Approximate Bayesian Computation, Branden Olson PDF Fully Kinetic Ion Models for Magnetized Plasma Simulations, Benjamin Sturdevant PDF The Impact of Stable Water Isotopic Information on Parameter Calibration in a Land Surface Model, Tony E.Wong PDF A Robust RBF-FD Formulation based on Polyharmonic Splines and Polynomials, Gregory Barnett PDF Matrix Patch Reordering as a Strategy for Compression, Factorization, and Pattern Detection using Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Applied to Single Images, Richard Martin Charles PDF Probabilistic and Statistical Methods for Target Tracking, Raymond Dao PDF Spatially Random Processes in One-Dimensional Maps: The Logistic Map and The Arnold Circle Map, An T.Lewis PDF Finite-Time Transport in Aperiodic Dynamical Systems, Brock Alan Mosovsky PDF Influence of Food Web Structure on Predator-Prey Dynamics in a Patchy Environment, Jerome Philippe Perkins PDF Modeling Solar Wind Mass-Loading Due to Dust in the Solar Corona, Anthony P.Rasca PDF A Computational Study of the Fourth Painleve Equation and a Discussion of Adams Predictor-Corrector Methods, Jonah A. Alt, Francis Bernard (2)Bazaraa, Mokhtar Sadek (2)Bouzaher, Abdelaziz (2)Bozer, Yavuz Ahmet (2)Bramblett, Richard Massey (2)Bulfin, Robert Lee (2)Castillo, Ileana (2)Chang, Sang Hoon (2)Chang, Woojin (2)Chesbrough, Peter Edward (2)... Any redistribution, reproduction or use of the materials, in whole or in part, is prohibited without prior permission of the author.Allen PDF Implicit Fuzzy Choice Set Generation for Spatial Interactions Using Zero-Augmented Models, Amy De Castro PDF Optimization for High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Derek T.Driggs PDF Algebraic Multigrid(amg) for Graph Laplacian Linear Systems: Extensions of Amg for Signed, Undirected and Unsigned, Directed Graphs, Alyson Lindsey Fox PDF Dimensionality Detection and the Geometric Median on Data Manifolds, Lukas Ruediger Nelson Goetz-Weiss PDF Twitter and Movies: Can Important Users Influence the Industry?Broido PDF Non-Convex Optimization and Applications to Bilinear Programming and Super-Resolution Imaging, Jessica Gronski PDF Non-Convex Optimization and Applications to Bilinear Programming and Super-Resolution Imaging, Jessica Gronski PDF Building Rank-Revealing Factorizations with Randomization, Nathan Heavner PDF Stokes, Gauss, and Bayes walk into a bar..., Eric P.Kightley PDF Stokes, Gauss, and Bayes Walk into a Bar..., Eric Paul Kightley PDF Foraging in Stochastic Environments, Nikhil Krishnan PDF Foraging in Stochastic Environments, Nikhil Krishnan PDF Dispersive hydrodynamics in viscous fluid conduits, Michelle Maiden PDF Dispersive Hydrodynamics in Viscous Fluid Conduits, Michelle Dorothy Maiden PDF Lifetime Limited Memory Neural Networks, Jeffrey Matthew Maierhofer PDF The Dynamics of a Three-Dimensional Heton, Adhithiya Sivakumar PDF Comparison of Spectral Estimation Techniques Applied to Molecular Dynamics Spectroscopy, Marc Thomson PDF Modified Kernel Density Estimators for Gridded Estimation of Precipitation Climatologies, Gregory Benton PDF Propagation and Control of Geometric Variation in Engineering Structural Design and Analysis, Joseph D.


  1. In his dissertation Martin Magris provides an insight on the effective. financial time-series, and on the econometric modeling and forecasting of.

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