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Dissertation History Of Art

Armstrong) Brandner, Christine, “Addressing Another Body in Jean-Etienne Liotard’s Portraiture” (Yale University, N.Suthor) Chakravorty, Swagato, “Displaced Cinema: Moving Images and the Politics of Location in Contemporary Art” (Yale University, C. Casetti) Cho, Yong, “Approaches to Materiality and Flatness: Mongol Imperial Patronage of Buddhist Art in Yuan China (1279-1368)” (Yale University, M.

Pan) Rath, Amanda, "Contextualizing Contemporary Art: Propositions of Critical Artistic Practice in Seni Rupa Kontemporer in Indonesia” (K.This is a 9,000-10,000-word research project on a topic linked to the course chosen as a major.The dissertation is normally written over the summer period and is submitted in September.Yiengpruksawan) Connelly, Chelsea Alice, “The Book in Early Byzantium” (Yale University, R.Nelson) Contractor, Tara, “British Gilt: Gold in Painting 1790-1914” (Yale University, T. ” ‘daz wir ein ander vinden fro’: Readers and Performers of the Codex Manesse” (Yale University, J.Bernstock) Foley, Jennifer Lee, “Discovering Cambodia: Views of Angkor in French Colonial Cambodia (1863-1954)” (K.Mc Gowan) Boedo, Sharon Lindahl, "Reception and Membership at the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, 1648-1793" (E.Ramage) Sapirstein, Philip, “The Emergence of Ceramic Roofing Technology in Archaic Greek Architecture” (A.Ramage) Werts, Julia Kim, " Imperial Vogue: Photography and the Fashioning of Modernity in Twentieth Century Ethiopia" (S.Mc Gowan) Pederson, Claudia, "Gaming the System" (M.Fernandez) Nakamori, Yasufumi, "Imagined City: Architecture, Photography, and Interdisciplinary Practice from the 1960's Japan" (I.


  1. What are dissertations and theses? A dissertation is a book-length work prepared by a graduate student as a requirement for a doctoral degree usually a Ph. D.

  2. Di Pietrantonio, Natalia, "Erotic Visions Poetry, Literature, and Book Arts from Avadh, 1754–1857" Cornell University, I. Dadi; K. McGowan.

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