Dissertation Beauais

Following completion of this internship, students write and defend their final year dissertation.

If you chose the work-study option, you will continue in the same company for a five-month placement.

Taught over three years, you will gain in independence and versatility working directly with materials in the field.Field work is organized in small groups, usually for a research mapping project.At the start of year 3, students’ work in the field school forms the basis of their dissertation in applied geology.2017 – 2018 general expenses €1,229 for students living on campus and €819 for others. Courses are taught in a variety of approaches, including lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, independent study and projects.General expenses cover the cost of providing teaching facilities outside of teaching hours, as well as non-academic and other services offered to students, such as the laundromat, maintenance of sports facilities and the university dining hall 2017-2018 accommodation and food services Monthly rent ranges from €365 to €483 for student accommodation. Courses are split into Teaching Units, encompassing a number of modules.It must take place in a company, preferably one focusing on lab techniques, production or exploitation.3rd year final internship (5 to 6 months) At the end of your 3rd year, this internship will provide the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to carry out technical assignments independently (such as soil characterization, mechanical testing, geophysical studies and boring tests).They provide a valuable opportunity to acquire additional experience and get a clearer idea of potential career paths.Students can choose to spend year 3 in a work-study placement according to the terms of a professional skills contract.Students who take the work-study option are not required to write a dissertation in applied geology.2017 – 2018 tuition fees €5,200 annual tuition, plus €100 for materials, such as a compass, hammer, magnifying glass, field log and geology dictionary from Géode (the association run by the Geological and Environmental Engineering student-engineers).


  1. Bachelor's degree in Geology Beauvais Campus. year, you will choose either to write a research dissertation in applied geology or a work-study placement.

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