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Dhcp Not Assigning Ip Address

The omnia receives a gateway but the br-lan itself is also on the WAN interface the Omnia has IP address

With help of DHCP it distributes ip-addresses in the range 192.168.1.x.

Without being an expert, but I think most home routers use as their own address.

But I can try to change the Omnia’s IP address at LAN0.

If the link on that NIC is lost for any reason, the other NIC becomes active.

Before activating NIC teaming, please ensure that both NICs are connected to the same network segment (subnet) and that you have IP addresses configured on only one of the existing NICs.


  1. The NIC Configuration section in /appliance where you can enabled DHCP and can add/. Although multiple IP addresses can be assigned to each NIC, do not.

  2. IP address assigned but no internet connection. page and in the modem's DHCP lease list, but the Omnia cannot connect to the internet.

  3. The time duration for which an IP address is assigned to a DHCP client computer by the DHCP server is technically called the DHCP lease.

  4. Use Netstat to troubleshoot a DHCP not giving out addresses with WDS Installed. WDS was installed first.

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